Manila is the home of RBL.ION in 2016. Let’s call it RBL.ION.MNL.

This is not the conventional convention of name tags, visitor tracking, pitching, and fast-talking speakers bouncing from stage to media room to a few photo-ops in the lobby – this is a gathering of people for whom ideas are currency. It’s an affordable, flexible, pumped up and tuned in experience that you’ll take home and chew over. 

The event experience is mayhem. Structured mayhem. It combines live experiences (the focus of the gathered), with niche activities (the focus of the few). It is home to a marketplace of makers and doers, and pop-up sessions to teach, guide, inspire. Everyone participates. And we start by exploring the meaning of Rebel and Rebellion.

Produced in 2016 by A SPACE, the Philippines leading cowork + collaboration project, in association with the Rice Bowl ASEAN Startup Awards + the Global Startup Awards.

Go here > facebook.com/rbl.ion.event