RBL.ION says take your city and uncover the ideas + the action, the spectacle + the creativity. Invite the enthusiastic to join hands and gather round. Explore what innovation means for now and for our future, how sustainability becomes one with invention. Design, ideate and build anew for a sustainable future. Not just for the now.

You’ll need ideas as your main currency and connections with the thinkers and the doers. We’ll help, but you’ll need to be plugged in already. You’ll need technical know-how and cash to run a solid production. We’ll help, but you need skills + experience too. You’ll need to be able to curate a shared experience though enlightened content. We’ll help, but you’ll need your own ideas and vision. You’ll need to engage your communities and get them to participate. We’ll help, but you’ll need your own connections and credibility.

RBL.ION costs between USD150-500k to produce depending on content and location. Profits can be made but they are fair and reasonable, this is not a get rich quick opportunity. Neither is it a chance to just pitch and promote your own business – it’s community focused, community connected, community value. It should be a win-win for everyone. 

You’ll need support from us. This comes with project skills + know-how, materials + templates, access to content and cash, network multiplier, sideline support and cheerleading. The relationship starts with your application and vision, and then it will require skin in the game; a partner bond is required to lock in the Partnership and lock-down the event date. The bond is 100% refundable once you hit the trigger points for hosting a successful RBL.ION. If you don’t plan to pwn this, don’t start. You’ll need a local company, insurances, administrative support, compliance know how etc. We’ll help but we can’t do it all for you. 

Message us below or here > facebook.com/rbl.ion.event/